Vytautas Juozas Kavaliauskas Biography

Vytautas J. Kavaliauskas was born in 1960 in Kaunas, Lithuania. An engineer by education, a manager by profession, and an artist by vocation, he has created a great variety of works of art, mostly sculptures. Working with different materials (drift wood, metal, glass), he has created a number of unique specimens of art. The artist's shop is located in Neringa, the Curonian Spit.

Artist's Statement

My task is discovering an object that has the promise of a piece of art and then performing several operations (removing unnecessary details, polishing, tinting and fixing together) which help to express my artistic ideas. The last thing to do is to create a suitable title for this object. Yes, you may think this is merely a play, but isn't the whole of our life a play? The figures created are simple, ascetic, sometimes even primitive, retaining the natural shape of material used. With references to their subject matter thay are very different, relating to history, religion, animals, birds and abstract figures. They also display a great variety of genres such as sculptures, installations, imagery, plastic art.