Michael Clinton Biography

Born to working class family in rural Oklahoma, learned to draw during an extended illness over a two year span as a child. Studied art in high school and one year of college. Dropped out of college when I lost my deferment after lottery numbers for military draft were drawn. Played guitar and sang for several years in a rock and roll band. Got a job as a steelworker, continued painting and playing guitar for my own amusement. Started painting in earnest and selling my work in anticipation of looming retirement from steel work in the near future. Because I always kept my day job I was free to paint things that were of interest to me and to develop a distinct vision and style.

Artist's Statement

I believe it is the purpose of an artist to show people the things in life that they overlook. To present these things in an unique way to get others to slow down and see the world they live in from a new perspective.