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Detailed Description

Original drawing on glossy paper to fine point Bic pen, drawing very fine lines on each other (ultimate purpose) signed by the author. Artist comment: My Bic pen drawings, my technique was to draw very fine lines on one another forming not thousands, millions of layers in the same direction, without touching the paper very important resist the breath, making continuous apneas during sessions to maintain very steady, constantly cleaning the pen and closing the mouth so that saliva does not make contact with the paper as it would stain the sheet, since a single mistake in the drawing would ruin months of work, because the pen can not be rectified. The drawing you can see was my last work, I was about a year drawing the Buffalo, today is unfinished. Is back then when I decided to stop drawing it, because I felt that I reached my goal and I thought ... "to follow?, ... that benefit is for me to be two years with the same drawing?, ... probably wasting the time.

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