Services for Artist Recruiters

Dear Artist Recruiter,

With our 1 Million monthly visitors and art sales in over 50 countries, by introducing a talented artist to / PicassoMio Galleries, you are helping them promote their career. Now, you can actually earn money doing just that.

This program is suitable for any kind of a person who knows talented artists – an artist, a dealer, a gallerist, a gallery employee, an art educator, a curator, an arts journalist or any such person.

You are now able to work with PicassoMí and PicassoMío Galleries and achieve the following:

  • Provide artists with an incredible way to promote and sell their artworks
  • Earn a commission (You earn the commission during the first 365 days (1st Year), after the signing of the contract between PicassoMio and the each artist. The Commission equals 10% of the Selling Price of the artworks sold by PicassoMio and is paid to you by check or wire)

How does it work?


In order to receive PicassoMio Artist Recruiter Agreement, you need to send us the following:
  • Your Complete Contact Details, including Email, Address, Telephone Number, and Mobile/Cell Number
  • Your CV / Resume


You will send us the Signed PicassoMio Artist Recruiter Agreement by Fax and Mail.

Fax: +34 940 46 0093
Mailing Address:
Lagasca 11, 1-B
28001 Madrid
Attn: Art Relations

Now you are a registered PicassoMio Artist Recruiter.


As the recruiter, please send us the following information to, for each artist that you are submitting:
  • Up to 5 digital images (in JPEG or GIF format) of current work;
  • Biography or Resume of the artist;
  • Price sheet
Please put the following Subject Header in the email: "Recruiter/Your Name / Artist Submission".

You can submit as many artists as you like, at any time, following the aforementioned procedure.


If the artist meets our selection criterion (based upon the combined evaluation of artist’s biography, skills, originality, prices and market conditions), we will send you the appropriate PicassoMio Artist Partner Agreement, which you can forward to the artist to complete and forward to us. The Agreement will have your name, which will enable us to send you payments, when the related artist’s works are sold.


PicassoMio will notify you with the name of the artist, Selling Price and your Commission, as and when the artworks are sold. You will also receive a request for your banking details (for payments by bank wire) or mailing address (for payments by check). You will receive the payment within 45 days from the date of sale.

Please DO NOT email us any enquiries on sales – it is a waste of our time, which is better spent closing more sales for you and the artists. We will be notifying you whenever there are sales. If you have any questions on possible sales, we encourage you to contact the artist that you have recruited, directly.

How much can I expect to earn?

Hypothetically, there is no limit to what you can earn. The more artists you recruit the better the results.

Say you recruit 10 new artists each year and they exhibit 25 artworks each, at If the average price of the artworks is $/€ 1,500, you can expect the following results, assuming that 20% of their artworks being exhibited, at, are sold, during the 1st Year:

Number of artworks sold: 50
Total Sales: 50 x $/€ 1,500 = $/€ 75,000
Your Commission (10%): $/€ 7,500*

*PicassoMio is unable to guarantee exact amount of sales or commissions.

Why do I only receive commission for the 1st year of sales, from the signing of the contract between PicassoMio and the each artist?

Since the commission is to reward you for introducing a talented artist to PicassoMio, we believe that the commission is very fair. We also hope to encourage Artist Recruiters to continue searching for new artists to promote on and to continue receiving commissions on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Best wishes, / PicassoMio Galleries