Oleg Frolov Biography

Russia, 1953

In my paintings, I try to find a balance between the inner world of a person and its surrounding environment. (ecology, nature, social life, problems of a personal and social nature, the spontaneity of the universe). Hope this sense of balance makes us all a little happier. Creating a picture is a complex process of working on feelings and emotions, dictated by intuition. This process allows you to make the transition from the material world to the spiritual. The result is my paintings. Abstract art reflects that part of the spiritual life of people that is not visualized, has no material images. My goal is to visualize, create by pictorial means images endowed with high spiritual energy and capable of evoking a response in the human soul. In my oeuvre, I follow the path of artistic expression of the Spiritual, the creation of pictorial images in which the main means of expression are color and an abstract non-isomorphic form (which has no resemblance to visible objects). The credo of my creation: the content determines the form and means of expression. The most important thing for me is the artistic contents, the sum of excitations, that are caused by pictorial means, this is the soul of my art. My taskis to search for the principle of inner necessity arising from from the Spiritual beginning. Internal necessity is the Force that causes the inevitable desire for self-expression. Internal necessity determines the choice of form, acting unconsciously and intuitively. Spiritual or artistic content, with the help of internal necessity, materializes and takes on a sensually perceived form. The artistic content of a painting is materialized not in the external forms of the elements, but in the strength and tension that live in these forms. My process of embodying the Spiritual in art is carried out approximately like this: at a certain moment there is a need for artistic creation, the abstract Spirit under certain conditions creates a new value in my soul. I consciously or unconsciously begin the search for abstract non-isomorphic color forms, for the embodiment of a new value that has arisen in me (in a spiritual form). This new value constitutes the content of my work of art. I consider it necessary to express myself in art, to reflect my time, feelings and emotions, the spiritual essence of the era. The main thing for me is the eternal, objective artistic content of art.

Oleg Frolov.

At different times, by different means and forms of image, the artworks of Michelangelo Buonarroti and Oleg Frolov reflect the philosophical search for a balance between the inner content of a person and the world around him.

Frolov studied art and painting at the Kazan Dramatic Art School, and received practical training in various workshops and artist studios. In 1981, Frolov completed studies in Painting and Drawing at the Repin Institute of Arts in St. Petersburg. Frolov has served on the faculty at the Kazan State Academy for Architecture and Construction and at the Serov School of the Arts in St. Petersburg. Additionally, he designed and executed the sets of operas "Queen of Spades" and "The Bride of the Tzar", performed at the Kazan States Academy Opera and Ballet Theater.

In addition to exhibiting throughout Russia and Europe, works by Frolov appear in private collections in more than 45 countries around the world.

The Certificate of Authenticity is attached to all works of art.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Exhibited at the exhibition "Not only painting… " in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2006 - PicassoMio.com

2005 - Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Kazan, Russia

2004 - Museum of Fine Art, Kazan, Russia

2003 - Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Kazan, Russia