PACHI Biography

Pachi born on May 21, 1968 in Cartagena (Murcia) according to comments from his family as a child inherits the gift of drawing and painting the hands of his maternal grandfather, artist and label,Francisco Marin (deceased) In 1986 in adolescence, time filled with concerns about being someone in the world of art creates its own technique of drawing, doing work to pen "Bic" fine,tip consisting draw thousands of very fine lines on each other in same direction of countless hours of dedication. In the 70s during their period of study receives his first drawing prize at school in St. Raymond of Penafort Alicante.After years studying in Alicante CEBAT school receives two first prizes for drawing in different courses. In 1988 performing military service in the Navy Cartagena, his home town entrusted numerous works of drawing and painting. In 2007 exhibited for the first time in a coffee of Alicante, exhibition that dedicate to his father D. Juan Marin.(Deceased) At the end of 2008 exposed a second time in gallery coffee Alicante. In 2009 exposed again,in the gallery-web "PICASSOMIO",in this first book unveils its full of drawings in pen "Bic", being entirely grateful to his staff for providing a space on its website. In 2011 exhibits along with other painters in the art gallery "ARTE CUADRO" in Cartagena. From the year 2012 to today's date presents his collection of graphic designs in PicassoMio web gallery. Designs by flags and banners made ​​with the computer program Paint.NET,inspired primarily on the United States of America. Self-taught painter and draftsman of birth and special feeling for animals and themes sailors,in the Mediterranean where the light is essential for the creation of their works.

Artist's Statement

One of the key features in my work is to add a touch of imaginacion.Other factor very important in my inspiration to carry out my work is music, listening to music is essential to me. I love to draw and paint and especially play with light and give volume to my creations.