Yamy Engelmeyer Biography

Born 1937, Israel. In 1980 he graduated in Arts & Painting from BAU, Israel. In 1991 Engelmeyer graduated in Arts from The Art League of Indianapolis, IN, USA. In 2002 the artist graduated Fine Art Print studies from the Tel-Aviv Museum Of Art, Israel. During 2003-2004 specialized in contemporary art print in workshops by Kibbutz Artists in Israel.

The artist’s artworks explore the human body to its extremes by experimenting different forms of the fine arts: painting, iron sculpturing, and photography. Since 1998, he focuses on various aspects of art print on canvas (giclee art print) and paper, etchings, silk screening and his unique, self-developed technique: sand print.

International Exhibitions (shared; selection)

1978 The Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada 1991 JCC, Indianapolis, IN, USA 1991 Beth-El Ctr., Chicago, IL, USA 1991 JCC, Cleveland, OH, USA 2000 “Exposure”, The Tel-Aviv Museum Of Art, Israel 2000 The Int’l Miniatures Exposition, Rosario, Argentine

International Exhibitions (single; selection) 1978 JCC, Guadalajara, Mexico 1984 BOA, San-Diego, USA 1993 JCC, Atlantic City, NJ, USA 1997 Leonardo Ctr., Tel-Aviv, Israel