Valadon Suzanne Artwork Details


Detailed Description

TITLE: "Portrait of Maurice Utrillo". MEDIUM: Engraving (Heliogravure). DIMENSIONS: Support 227 mms x 183 mms, Plate 207 mms x 164 mms in total.* EDITION: 1942. PLATE ENGRAVED AND PRINTED BY BRAUN & CIE, FOR DRAEGER FRÈRES, at MONTROUGE, SEINE - FRANCE. This is plate number 8 of 24. SUMMARY: Wonderful gravure after Suzanne Valadon's "Portrait of Maurice Utrillo", extremely notable as the famous artist Utrillo was in fact her son. This engraving is signed by Valadon 'in the plate' with the year (upper right corner), and has title with year, plus further corroborative details plus reference, catalogued in lead verso the support. The print remains in excellent condition for the period. and is immediately ready for framing, Colour heliogravure: this medium has a unique identity all of its own, and has so much more character than a mass produced print by modern methods. It is immediately ready for framing and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the origins of the item. [*sizes accurate within 0-5mms]

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