Ulrich Osterloh Biography

Germany, 1969

An established German artist, Ulrich Osterloh works in an expressionist style. His paintings are marked by vibrant color and varied brushwork, which create depth and movement.

?The work of Ulrich Osterloh,? writes author Sam Clark, ?is exquisite and very spiritual. It definitely has meaning, and puts forth a combination of wisdom, compassion, and a knowing of the higher planes. It is obvious that it not only is generated from the heart, but from a world beyond.?

Ulrich studied at the University of London, Goldsmiths? College, under John Wood, Elma Thubron, and Ferris Newton, and has also worked and studied in Germany, France, and Italy.

His work has been featured in several quality online art and literary magazines, and was used as the logo for the International Conference for Systemic Therapy in London, 2003.

He is currently working with Naxos, a classical music label, that uses his work on various covers of their CDs, namely the new Schoenberg series and other modern and post-modern composers.

Ulrich says of his work: ?Painting is an entirely magical (equally rational and irrational) process for me, that really seems to 'begin with the end, and end with the beginning'. I never cease to be amazed by the creative process, where everything falls into place in the end, even if the struggle can be tremendous.

Over the years, I have learned to develop more and more trust in this process, and one can say that indeed every painting is in itself an expression of this trust.?


2007 - PicassoMio.com

2006 - Christoph Dornier Foundation. Bielefeld, Germany.

2005 - Johanniter Ordenshauser. Oeynhausen, Germany.

2004 - Christoph Dornier Foundation. Germany.

2002 - HPS. Herford, Germany.

2001 - The Ice House. London, UK.

1998 - Lion?s Club Gallery. Germany.

1994 - Tram Depot Gallery. London, UK.


2005 - Museum Leeuwenbergh. Utrecht, Germany. - Oxo Tower Gallery. London, UK. - Light Gallery. London, UK.

2004 - The Lab Gallery. New York, USA. - Gallery DNA. Staffordshire, UK. - HYPE Gallery. London, UK.

2003 - Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. New York, USA. - Gallery Marion Zimmermann. Hamburg, Germany.

2002 - Cafe Gallery Projects. London, UK. - Artesian. Edinburgh, UK. - Galerie Espace City Garden. Paris, France. - On Line Gallery. Southampton, UK.

2001 - Artists Inc. London, UK. - Start Gallery. London, UK. - Sabine-Mag.com featured artist

2000 - DFN Gallery. New York, USA.

1999 - LA Artists Gallery. Los Angeles, USA. - St. Martin?s Gallery. London, UK.

1994 - Tram Depot Gallery. London, UK.

1992 - Salon des Arts. Kensington, UK.