Tusif Ahmad Biography

My interest in art began in my teenage years when I started creating pieces of art doing pen and ink work. Mostly interested in creating landscapes and capturing and preserving the beauty of our world in my work at the time. Throughout my journey around the world, I have experienced and worked with artists of different skills, mindsets, and point of views which have given me a very diverse viewpoint and opinions which I then try to depict in my artwork.

I was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and began my visual art learning from Rawalpindi Arts Council. I came to Australia in late 2006. Being a self-taught artist, I have been working on papercutting since 2008. Throughout the year I have been exhibiting my work in many well-known galleries around the world. I have received awards and recognitions throughout the years.

To rejuvenate the ancient tradition of paper cutting, I add elements from arabic traditions to my own style. My style of papercutting is very unique and different from the traditional cuttings. One must see my original artwork, in order to understand what I create.

I am a full time artist and works from my own studio in Kwinana, WA.

During my stay in Kuwait (1995 – 2000) I worked with Kufuma (Kuwait Furniture Manufacturing Company). On the Amiri Diwan Project, we furnished furniture for more than 3000 rooms. My role was to assist the project manager. I was also involved in a similar role with projects like Bayan Palace Phase 2, Bayan Palace Tent Project, Liberation Tower, MPW Headquarters building etc. I then worked in Lazurde Gold and Jewellery ( 2002 – 2003 ) company as 3D CAD/CAM trainer/designer and trained around 30 jewellery designers in the use of JewelCad. Adams Gold company ( 2002 – 2004) in Cyprus were my next employer as a 3D jewellery designer where I designed jewellery with the help of Rhino 3D Plus Matrix and JewelCAD Ver. 5. I then worked for Nina Jewellery ( 2006 – 2008) in Australia with a very similar role designing jewellery. Since then, I have started my own IT Consultancy called EshalSoft developing solutions for a large range of companies.