Thanh Chuong Biography

Vietnam, 1949

Thanh Chuong began painting at the age of seven and entered the Fine Arts College in 1960. During the war he served as an engineer, and when the war ended Chuong started working for the Literature & Art Weekly Magazine in Vietnam. His paintings are most often executed as lacquer on board, or sometimes as oil on canvas or pastel on paper. The bright coloured works are clearly inspired by cubism and Picasso's paintings in particular. Some of his paintings have been chosen to be printed both as UNICEF cards as well as stamps. He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, both in Vietnam and abroad. Exhibitions abroad were held in Czechoslovakia (1974), China (1994), Hong Kong (1994, 1997), Britain (1995, 2001), Denmark (1995), Japan (1995, 1997, 1999), Korea (1996, 1999), Singapore (1997), Netherlands (1997), Germany (1998), and USA (1998, 2001).