Solimán López Biography

Burgos, Spain, 1981

An emerging Spanish artist, Soliman Lopez works in an abstract style that contains occasional figurative references. He is particularly interested in the latent expression found in his pieces.

Though a self-taught artist, he has a degree in Art History from the University of Cordoba, in Spain.

Selected Individual Exhibitions - - Hotel Conquistador, Cordoba, Spain. - Sala Aires. Cordoba, Spain.

Selected Group Exhibitions - Holland Art Fair 2006. The Hague, Netherlands. - II Talleres Internacionales de Arte Contemporaneo. Posada del Potro, Cordoba, Spain. - Artistas por la Capitalidad Cultural, Sala Aires, Cordoba, Spain. - Creadores. Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selected Museums and Collections - Museo de Artes Plasticas de Trenque Lauquen. Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Piag Museum. Miami, USA. - Asociacion Cultural Aires de Cordoba. Cordoba, Spain. - Humana Comunicaciones, Madrid, Spain.