Salvador Dalí Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Provenance: Old French collection. Purchased by the collectors familly, in Spain, during the 1960’s. Literature: "The Intransigeant" (Paris Press on Friday 8 May 1970). This was a laeding article on the series. There was a major sale of the works of Salvador Dali held by Artcuriel in June 2003. Included within that sale were 6 watercolours and goaches on paper which were the designs for these tiles. These are noted as such and all had certificates from the Dali expert, Robert Descharnes. Condition: In very good condition. Note: We believe these were originally made for a project which was never completed - the construction of a swimming pool in Spain. Authenticity: Sold with this work is a photocopy of a letter written and signed by Dali on the 31st March 1970. This reads as follows: “Par la presente, je reconnais que le jeu de six modeles de carreaux de ceramiques d’art de 20 x 20 cms, que vous me presentes ont ete reproduits, avec mon accord, d’apres mes creations originales et que je n’eleve aucune objection quant a leur execution. Il s’agit des six modeles suivant: 1. Le baiser en feu 2. Les Guitars 3. Le soleil vegetal 4. L’etoile de mer 5. Les colombes 6. Les flechettes Aucune reedition n’est autorise par moi, en dehors du stock existant.”

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