Rosario de Mattos Artwork Details


Detailed Description

The series "THE GARDEN OF THE ROSALES" is an attempt to convey a message similar to that of the vanitas in antiquity, where symbols of old as skulls and candles mutate into flowers, moving from the figurative imitative to a more abstract representation. In these "modern Vanitas", painted with a great economy of resources (mostly they are achieved with a more black and white color), the sombre ones of the old ones were changed by a diaphanous ambience where the symbolism of garden like dwelling of the soul is Amalgam with that of fragile and fleeting pink. These two symbols were selected for use since ancient times in very diverse cultures. Although the idea that life is ephemeral and that the truly important is invisible, it coincides with the old vanitas, the ones we present in "THE GARDEN OF THE ROSALES" allude to a luminous beyond ...

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