Rosa Ripoll Biography

Rosa Ripoll, born in Alcoy, Spain, in 1968, is an emerging painter, specialised in capturing light and colour in a modern IMPRESSIONIST style.

She trained at the School of Fine Arts in Alcoy where she acquired a knowledge of theory studying various art history courses.

Rosa Ripoll has participated in the following exhibitions:

2002.- Sala Unesco, ?ESTUDI?, Alcoy.- Exposicion Individual.

2001.- Sala Unesco ?ARTS PER LA PAU?, Alcoy ?Exposicion Colectiva.

2000.- Centro Cultural de Alcoy, Alcoy ? Exposicion Individual.

1999.- Pub Puerta de Hierro, Alcoy ?Exposicion Colectiva.

1998.- Circulo Industrial, Alcoy ?Exposicion Colectiva.

In addition she has received the following awards and mentions:

2001.- Selected for the VIII Invitational PASTOR CALPENA, Aspe. - First Prize in Photography. CENTRO CULTURAL DE ALCOY, Alcoy. - Prize under the theme ?Alcoi?. ?PREMI DE PINTURA CIUTAT D?ALCOI?.

2000.- Selected for the XVIII International Invitational ?EUSEBIO SEMPERE?, Onil. - Selected for the I International Invitational ?ROYAL PREMIER?, Malaga. - Selected for the XVIII National Competition ?CASINO SAINZ?, Reinosa. - Selected for the V Painting Invitational, FUNDACION GACETA REGIONAL, Salamanca.

1999.- Selected for Competition ?NOUS CREADORS?, Jativa. - Selected for the IV Invitational ?VENDIMIA INICIAL DE ORO?, Utiel-Requena. - Mention of Honour ?Casino de Alicante?.

1998- First Prize, Casino Novelda. - Selected for the II Art Biennial ?AGULLO? , Cocentaina. - Selected International Prize for Painting ?JOSE DE RIBERA?, Jativa.