Raoul Ubac Biography

The artist Raoul Ubac was born 31 August 1910 in Cologne, Germany, and was a painter, sculptor, photographer and engraver. His artistic training was far from regular or normal, and he travelled through Europe between 1928 and 1934 (at times on foot). He worked mostly on photography between 1934 and 1942, embracing Surrealism in Paris and took photos for the magazine Minotaure. In 1937, he famously made Tete du Mannequin, a photograph taken of a mannequin (made by André Masson) consisting of everyday objects. Another of his notable works include the photograph 'La Conciliabule'. He was also feted for his colour lithograph 'Three Seated Nudes'.

Ubac's father was a magistrate and his mother's family ran a tannery. During his early travelling years he came to Paris (in 1928), Ubac was already enrolled at the Sorbonne for literary studies, but decided to switch to the Art Academy of Montparnasse, and it was there that he moved in the company of The Surrealists. Ubac died 22 March 1985 in Dieudonne, Oise, France.