Philippe DeNoyer Biography

Lyon, France, 1917 - 1985

ESTABLISHED French PAINTER and GRAPHICH ARTIST Phillipe de Noyer's stylised images featuring the material luxury and ephemera surrounding early 20th century high society have an ART DECO feel. The luminosity in his works comes from a technique he discovered and perfected in which he avoids white in favor of pure colors.

DeNoyer began his artistic training at the Ecole des Roches, before joining Academy of Fine Art in Lyon and later the Paul Colin school in Paris. DeNoyer emerged on the Paris art scene in 1943, when he met Emmanuel David, the art dealer responsible for putting the Paris School on the international art map.

Phillip DeNoyer became a renowned portrait artist of Paris and London high society. He was also commissioned to paint American stars including Elizabeth Taylor, Dinah Shore and Jean Wallace.

More than 2000 of DeNoyer,s works can be found in museums and public and private collections worldwide.