Paul Aïzpiri Biography

Paris, France 1919

A painter and sculptor born in Paris. His mother was Italian and his father, Vasco. His style, with clear influences from the work of Munch, sticks out with the enlarged brushstrokes and the use of vibrant colors, what he does is allow every one of his characters and situations transmit a strong emotion.

In 1946 he obtained third place in the Jeune Pinture and in 1951 the National Award.

Selection of Exhibitions:

1994 - Saraleguinea Museum. Guethary, France.


1963 - Romanet Gallery. Paris, France.

1951 - Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy. - Petrides Gallery. Paris, France.

1945 - Salon d'Automne. Paris, France.

1943 - Parvillee Gallery, Paris, France.

His Works are exhibited permanently in the Tamenaga Galleries (Paris, New York, Tokio, and Osaka) and the New Vision Gallery (Jerusalem). He is also the founder of "Salon des Moins de Trente ans". He is a member of the October Salon since 1945, and was also an active member of "Salon d'Automme", "Salon des Independents" and of the Tullerias. In 1948 he won the Corisica award, going to Marseille.