Parsec Biography

Spanish photographer and multimedia artist. Parsec's resonating work always uses image and sound in a way that emphasizes the importance of the photograph in transmitting a message.



- BSO documentary

- Worked as a technician on project directed by Enrique Radigales, "open seed," chosen as the CDAN de Huesca for la fundacion Beulas - Sound track and photographs for "Kkgoza" Exhibition for Ruben Cardenas in the Centro de Historia de Zaragoza

- Photography and sound for exhibition in collaboration with several multidisciplinary artists in Zaragoza, "objetivo subjetivo," **in the historical center of the city.

-cd recopilatorio Arttimaña allucant electronica

-Director of electronic music with sequence images in naturdance Allucant Gallocanta Zaragoza


- Audio design for advertisement banners

-Audio design for art-clip "10 retratos por segundo" by Enrique Radigales - DOLUX Expo artesonoro in Dolux Zaragoza - **Director of experimental electronic music with "El megafono" in sala Reset - Director of sonidos analogicos secuenciados at the electro 2m6 image festival in Zaragoza - Collaboration with the prestigious French choreographer in ZGZ MIRIAM AGAR for presentation of OH lala 2005 Magazine

- Anniversary of ROBOT discs together with El Megafono

In Sala Reset (Zaragoza, Spain)

2005 - Festival Playa Honda Lanzarote expo arte-sonoro

2004 - electronic music and video manipulated in live PERIPHERIES festival

(Huesca, Spain)

-electro 2m4 auditorio of Zaragoza .(Zaragoza, Spain)

2003 - Electro 2m3 centro de historia de Zaragoza.

(Zaragoza, Spain)

-Sala Morrisey inauguration party Placeres


(Zaragoza, Spain)

2002 - CONMUTACIONES C:C: Delicias jornadas de arte

alternativo mp3 downloads - facultad de ingenieria Zaragoza - Sala Artsaia (Pamplona, Spain) - Collaboration with Cesar Perich percussion professor at el conservatorio de ZGZ Cesar

2001 - CUBO CLUB (Zaragoza, Spain)arte sonoro

-Composition of la banda sonora del proyecto multimedia

- Collaboration Project to perfect the audio program **in el Centro Politecnico Superior de Zaragoza with professors Jose Ramon and Fernando Beltran Zaragoza - Audience of Zaragoza Exhibition of Noha network

Presentation of live audio CD performance with classic guitarist, Carmen Cañada - CUBO CLUB (Zaragoza, Spain) - jornadas de arte alternativo.

(Zaragoza, Spain)


-First concert with collaboration of Aragonese musicians organized by Noha network