Paolo Pillitteri Biography

An emerging American artist, Palolo Pillitteri works in a figurative style. He studied with Rick Rodriguez and Thomas Leighton, and has explored a variety of mediums, though his passion has always been drawing.

In the 90?s he founded a company that provided artful animations for use by businesses, and later worked on creating user interfaces and in navigation design. After 2000, Pillitteri returned to more traditional art, working exclusively with live models on a series titled ?Inner Thoughts of Our Outer Selves.?

He says of his work: I measure my creations against a different yardstick; the tension between visuals and emotions. My paintings taunt viewers to experience a truer aspect of themselves, to unveil their own person that lies gauzed beneath the layers of skin. Intentionally gestural, the often frenetic assemblage of my work is typically pinned upon a realistic anchor point, allowing the viewer safe passage into the piece. Many incorporate writings, as collective streams of unconscious. These inner verbal expressions coincide and often collide with the facial language that we present to the outside world. Like Heisenberg?s principle of uncertainty, they function as filters which precipitate the viewer to change lens on their own emotions, history, and experience.