Pancho Castelo Biography

Born in La Coruña in 1971. Since very little contact with the plastic arts influenced by his father, a doctor by profession but is very fond of art. That is why in part that highlights a very early age in various artistic disciplines: ceramics (first prize at age 7) and painting. At twelve years old knows the slate as a material for sculpting and from there explore and experience a self-taught this material while studying and graduating high school at age 18. In that same year he apprenticed to a jeweler of great prestige in Galicia, damo, where it will remain four years learning the profession of jeweler, while his artistic side by side which will choose and devote all its efforts from 1994. In 1996 comes into contact with the stone industry through its work done in slate and thereafter assist in national and international exhibitions of the sector, especially with the Galician Association of Pizarristas (AGP). The following year made his first solo exhibition with works made exclusively slate Nova Caixa Galicia in the boat Valdeorras (Orense) His early works are inspired by masterpieces of classical painting, which will be worth to acquire much knowledge about the composition, anatomy, etc. Examples: Guernica (Picasso), Rape of Sabines (Rubens), Las Meninas (Velazquez) ... From the beginning, made their own creations with a style that will vary over the years. Thanks to its innovative spirit added all kinds of materials (metals, wood, different types of stones ...) to his works and since 2000 is introduced into the market through art galleries in Spain. Currently out in galleries and art fairs both national and Sevilla, Torremolinos, Almería, Madrid .. and international as the Netherlands, Austria, Italy ...