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The plate for this was cancelled in 1956 and still exists in the Musee Picasso, Paris Edition : 260 Reference: Bloch 157 ; Ba 310.B.d Note: The publication of the hundred etchings created by Picasso between 1930 and 1937 was one of Ambroise Vollard's most impressive undertakings. Vollard was one of the greatest art dealers and publishers of his time and his championship of some of the most celebrated artists of the day deserves the thanks of later generations. His artists, to name but a few, included Cezanne, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Rousseau, Rouault and Picasso. Picasso met Vollard in Paris in 1901 and worked with him over an extended period. When the Vollard Suite etchings were first made they were in fact rarely signed (with the exception of some rare proofs made on vellum in editions of 3). Vollard died tragically in a car accident in 1939 and eventually, after the Second World War, most of the Vollard Suite passed into the hands of the famous Dealer Petiet. Petiet knew that Picasso , would never sign anything until he was paid for it and the artist required a substantial fee for putting his signature on the Vollard Suite etchings. Accordingly Petiet gave his buyers the option of buying them either unsigned or, for 10% more on the cost, signed. This meant that Picasso signatures from 1939 until the artists death appear on Vollard Suite etchings. Obviously there is a difference in the artists signature as he aged and the signature on our piece probably dates from circa 1960. In this plate the scultor is obviously an alter-ego for the persona of Picasso and the sculpted head of a woman rrpesents none other then his new love : Marie Therese whose portrait or depiction is often to be found in the Vollard Suite. Published by: Ambroise Vollard Printed by: Lacouriere in 1939 Size: 449 x 337 mms (paper size) ; 267 x 194 mms (plate size)

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