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Reference: Not in Zervos or Picasso Project
Size: 85 x 60 mms (3.32 x 2.34 inches)
Provenance: The collection of Ines and Gerard Sassier, France. In 1936 Dora Maar was with Picasso in Mouguins accompanied also by Man Ray and Paul Eluard. They met charming Italian sisters who were working in the Hotel Vaste Horizon. The two were employed by Picasso as cook and chamber maid. Little by little these two girls began to take a prominent part in the life of the painter. Ines married in 1942 with Gustave Sassier and lived , together with their son Gerard, born in 1946, in a small apartment close to the painter at 7 rue des Grandes Augustines in Paris. Ines became a constant companion and friend of the artist. When Picasso moved to the South of France in 1955 Innes looked after the property owned by the artist in Paris and would come down to the south during the school holidays. When the painter sold his Paris apartment in 1967 Innes made the necessary arrangements for the move on Picasso’s behalf. Her son, Gerard, says today that the huge house was “un musee incroyable” with such a huge quantity of works by Picasso. Innes moved to Mougins where she took the job as chauffeur until 1970 when she left the artists service. It can be seen that the relationship lasted from 1937 until 1970. Sometimes Innes served as a model and was no doubt privy to all the affairs of Picasso during this period with Dora Maar, Francoise Gillot, Marie-Therese Waller and Jacqueline Picasso. Picasso had two great confidants in his life during this turbulent period : Innes Sassier and Jaume Sabartes. During the time of her acquaintanceship with Picasso Innes was given a number of works consisting of graphics, livres illustrees, autographs, letters and, especially, drawings made by the artist for her son Gerard Sassier. For the most part these consisted of decoupages (or paper cut-outs) showing childish scenes such as circuses, cars and animals. We were fortunate in acquiring a number of works from this source of which this is an example.

Authenticity: A certificate by Maya Picasso, daughter of the artist, accompanies this work. This certificate is universally recognised as conferring authenticity on works by the artist.

Condition: In Good Condition


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