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Medium: Monochrome Lithograph. Title: Portrait of Gongora. Date of original work: 05/03/1947. Edition of this article: 1956. André Sauret, Monte Carlo. Listed Mourlot 70, BLOCH 424. Characteristics of this item: This famous lithograph is after Picasso's powerful original portrait of 16th Century Spanish poet Luis de Gongora y Argote, in 1947. Printed in 1956 by Sauret in Monte Carlo, the lithograph is vacuum mounted & sealed on acid free black on white matting board, and benefits dimensions* of: Support 208 x 163 mms, Plate 198 x 153 mms. The lithograph benefits the date-mark by Picasso 'in the plate' (visible inverted, left of center to the bottom of the plate), and the item is in magnificent condition for its period. Verso the support are corroborative details, catalogued in lead. SUMMARY: Highly Collectable and Rare Lithograph in wonderful condition for its years, most definitely a unique example of the medium, and will make an impressive addition/gift to any Picasso enthusiast or art lover. ¡¡¡ EYE-POPPING ART !!! (*measurements accurate within 0-5mms.) Dispatched unframed, the item is well presented & immediately ‘ready for framing’. It will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the origins & characteristics of the individual article.

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