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TITLE: Courses de Taureaux, 1917. MEDIUM: Halftone Print. DIMENSIONS: Plate is 145 x 220 mms, Support is 220mms x 300mms in total.* EDITION: Published by Sapho & Desfossés, Paris. ©ART et STYLE, 1960. Plate No. 1 of 31 in the folio. SUMMARY: This Classic Picasso print is after his Original drawing of 1917, "Courses de Taureaux", and is number 1 from a compilation of the artist's work dedicated to "The Bullfight". There are just 31 period prints in this rare and 'hard to find' edition, representing Picasso's work in this genre from 1917 through to 1960, and detail in this print is eye-catching & sharp. The article is in exceptional condition for its years, and is a marvellous example of this medium. __will be a compelling exhibit when framed and displayed__ Dispatched unframed, the item is well presented and immediately ‘ready for framing’. It will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the origins and characteristics of the individual article. (* measurements accurate within 0-5mms.)

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