Nacho Lascaray Biography

Vitoria, 1961

Emerging Spanish abstract artist.

Self-taught painter and sculptor, his paintings are mostly done on paper, while his sculptures are composed of various materials: aluminium, bronze, iron, crystal, and poliexpan, etc.

Over the last years he has concentrated on the investigation of the expressive possibilities of materials not used "conventionally" to create paintings: various types of sand and cements, varnish, tar, cardboard, plaster, rust...on canvass or wood.

Individual Expositions

1997 - Office of the Official Collage of Architects of Navarros in Vitoria.

1999 - Jamete Gallery. Cuenca.

2000 - Paintings. Art Gallery XXI. Madrid. - Zeppelin. Vitoria. - B y NEspacio of Art Masse. Vitoria. - Cement River, Vitoria.

2003 - Recent Works. Iradier 9 Art Gallery. Vitoria.

2005 - Varnishes Iradier 9 Art Gallery. Vitoria.

Contributions to Exhibitions

2000 - Supermarket at Zuloa Art Gallery, Vitoria.

2002 - Festival of Independent Art of Madrid. Madrid.

2003 - Akros Gallery. Bilbao.