Miguel Berrocal Biography

Well established and widely acclaimed SPANISH SCULPTOR, whose work, often cast in bronze and of a distinctly organic feel, explores the puzzle of existence within time and space through the context of assembling and reassembling.

Berrocal Miguel Ortiz Berrocal was formally educated in mathematics, chemistry, and the exact sciences. Later he began to study architecture before abandoning this path in favour of fine art at the School of Arts and Crafts and the San Fernanado School of Fine Art in Madrid. Berrocal worked as an architectural draughtsman in Rome between 1952 and 1954 and moved to Paris in 1955, where he dedicated his time to sculpture. In 1966 Berrocal settled in Verona, Italy.

Berrocal's early interest in mathematics and science became an important foundation in the evolution of his sculptures, in which every aspect is exactingly conceived. Whether large or small, the assembly of each sculpture is the result of producing individual units or elements that are cast individually as interlocking parts. These elements are precisely designed by the artist before they are given three-dimensional life.

PiccassoMio offers Berrocal?s commemorative lithograph produced for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.