Mariela Perewozki Biography

1969, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Established Argentinean artist. She studied in the "National Fine Arts School Pridilliano Pueyrredon" in Buenos Aires, from which she received the title of National Teacher of Painting and Drawing in 1992. She also attended various seminars related to art, thought and communication, amongst others.

Simultaneously, Perewoski studied dramatic arts for many years, taking part in theatrical companies and related activities, which greatly balanced and enriched her imaginary world and artistic vision.

As a plastic artist she has had numerous exhibitions in cultural centres, gallerys and museums (C.C. Recoleta, La Calle del Alma, Museo Ameguino Marin, ect), she was an active member of the group "El Grupo" (a group which investigated the possibilities of space) with which she took part in the formation of many installations, happenings, scenographys and group exhibitions over the course of 6 years.

Her work has been published in different books such as: _ _"XX AÃ?OS" IMÃ?GENES CONTRA LOS CRIMENES DE AYER Y DE SIEMPRE, LA DESAPARICIÃ?N _and _LIBRO de ARTISTAS: "ARTE-VISION-ARTE".

She has also worked as a private teacher and in institutes, for both children and adults.

What Mariela Perewozki is trying to achieve with her work is to communicate with the spectator, provoking them to discover their own imaginary world, so they can work on their own freedom to observe.