Mariela Dimitrova MARA Biography

B I O G R A F I A Of MARA-Mariela Dimitrova

1967, June 26 - born in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1982-1987 - Academia de San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba. Graduated in artistic engraving. Tutor in the thesis - Angel Ramirez Roque.

1995 - licensure in Bulgarian Language and Literature in the Univerce of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski.

Mutual Holdings:

1985-1987 - participasion at various events and exhibitions in Havana: Casa de las Americas, Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA), San Alejandro.

1997 - exhibition-contest of the galleria Alba, Sofia. Nomination.

1997-2003 - Multiple units in Bulgaria and Bulgarian cultural institutes in Europe.

2003, October - expo at Cuba's embassy in Sofia for the days of the Cuban Culture

2003-2009 - participation in the galleria Astry - tradicicional expo format 30/30cm

2005 - June overexposure of 7 painters and sculptors Bulgarian Embassy in Cuba - July-expo at galeria Astry beneficent, Sofia - September-Bulgarian-Naive Art gallery GRITA, Sofia - December - Christmas, painting, gallery GRITA, Sofia 2006-1-st anniversary of the galleria Pagan in Sofia. 2007 - Participation in the International Biennial of Humor c. Gabrovo, Bulgaria; paint shop. - December-Expo-performance-10 Artists dismiss the old year; galleria WORKSHOP 59, Sofia. 2008 - February - Arte Naif Bulgarian, galleria Pagano, Sofia. -June to August - "Mirrors and reflections" - galleria TESTA, Sofia 2009 - "Winter" - naive painting, gallery "Paris", Sofia

Solo Exhibitions:

1998-1-ra individual expo, gallery PARTER, Shipka 6 Union of Bulgarian painter, Sofia,

2003 - September - Recycling - new life for old objects or pieces of them. Astry Gallery, Sofia.

2004 to 24 June-"El dia de San Juan Bautista" - display - performance with elements of witchcraft. GAYA Gallery, Sofia.

2005 - April - "MARA presents" - Opening of a new gallery in Sofia-Pagan.

2006 - March-"A little song for you ..." - a few songs, each illustrated by two-dimensional works, and bidimencional .... In the gallery Astry, Sofia.

2007 - April-"Remember You, sir ...?" - Painting, drawing, photography and installations. Together with the photographer Stanka Koleva. 2-do anniversary of the galleria PAGAN

2008 - May, "a lyric-dramatic photographic exhibition" - alternative photography, mounted on canvas and wood. TESTA Gallery, Sofia.

-October-November-"The breaks of reflexes where accumulation artistica da:)" - painting, photography, installation. Together with painter Rosen Markovski. PAGAN Gallery, Sofia.

2009 - "apple pie" -10 photos on canvas, 1 paint and installation. gallery "Gaya", Sofia

2010 - May-June "entanglement" - mixed media painting i. 10 works on wood and canvas. -November - photography, giclee on canvas.

2011 - "Munecografia Magica" - with Radostina Draganova. Digital photography on canvas, the author's original technique, figurines (Radostina) ceramic, fabric i metal.

Mariela Dimitrova-MARA performed his works in various forms-painting, printmaking, sculpture, three-dimensional collages, photography and combinations of the before mentioned ways. It works in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her works can be found all over the world-Europe, The Americas, Asia.

Artist's Statement

For me art is a game, a fun - for both the author and the spectator. Homo Ludens treated like the highest stage of evolicion:)