Mania Row Biography

Early Man 1 is now showing at MOMA NY till 22 Janaury 2018. Mania works and lives in the UK at Montsale several paintings and prints by Mania Row, appeared in July 2011, October 2011 and August 2012 editions ZINC ONLINE Mania exhibited 3 paintings Miniature Art Shows in USA May 2012. Mania exhibited 9 paintings and 4 prints in Essex Burnham Art Trail in June 2012. Mania exhibited 17 pieces at Maldon Art Trail, Essex, in October 2012. Mania exhibited several pieces of collage in her altered book "Mania to Picasso a friendship" at Slack Space Cochester, Essex in June 2013 Mania exhibits 50 paintings, prints and collage in the South East Open Studios project in June 2014. Mania takes part in the Open Studios event in June, with further 43 paintings and 50 mono type prints in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Artist's Statement

Exploration of what to paint is based on memory & observation of life around my studio of animals, flowers, portraits, boats and the sea, combined with the gorgeous, luminous, succinct