Luis Quintano Navarro Biography

Madrid, Spain, 1982 -

Emerging Spanish artist Luis Quintano Navarro works mainly with graphic prints done on canvas. His work has a continuous sense of the exploration of shapes, materials and color, with a feeling of contradiction and multiple points of view.

The artist is a participant in the Speed Painting Contest of the Retiro in Madrid.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2007 - Centro Cultural de Entrevias, Madrid, Spain - Centro Cultural Mariano Muñoz, Madrid, Spain - Biblioteca de la Universidad de Burgos, Spain

2006 - CafeTeARTE, Madrid, Spain - Centro de Recursos Turisticos, Madrid, Spain

2005 - El Olibo. Madrid, Spain

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 -

2006 - Venus Deep Red. Galeria May More. Madrid, Spain - Galeria NIM. Madrid, Spain - Espacio Kubiko. Madrid, Spain

2005 - Innovart. Toledo, Spain

Artist's Statement