Kate Newlyn Artwork Details


Detailed Description

This is a smaller version of the larger bronze ARIEL sculpted by Kate Newlyn in 2005. This sculpture depicts again the wonderful moment of ARIEL's release from the bonds of servitude. This beautiful Shakespearean character from THE TEMPEST embodying the etherial, creative, free spirit in us all, spends the entire play entrapped, yearning for his freedom. Originally imprisoned by his mother "in a cleft pine" he is found and freed by the magician Prospero. But his freedom is short-lived. In a debt of gratitude, he relinquishes it again in servitude to the magician. It is not until the very end of the play that he is finally set free. As Shakespeare's final play it has been suggested that the character of ARIEL embodies the spirit of Shakespeare's own artistic creativity and that, in Prospero's final liberation of the spirit ("Farewell my delicate Ariel") Shakespeare is also saying his own farewell to the stage.

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