Joan Laborda Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1954 -

Barcelona-based painter and graphic designer Joan Laborda's expressive works are often based on paintings by great masters such as Velazquez and Goya.

As well as fine art including drawing and graphic design, Laborda studied art history at the University of Barcelona and has a diploma in communication. He received the National Press Association Prize in 1998 and has participated in more than 30 exhibitions and art fairs.

Solo and collective shows:


Fundacion Cultural Oriol. Exposicion ?serie Euskadi?

Galeria AB-Antony Botey, Granollers


Feria St'Art03, Galeria AB, Arte Strasburg, France

ArtSantander03'- Galeria AB

Artexpo 03- Galeria AB, Barcelona

Galeria ArteIMAGEN, La Coruña, Galicia, Spain


Galeria Magdalena Baxeras, Barcelona

Arte Santander02'-Galeria AB


Galeria ArteIMAGEN, La Coruña, Galicia

Galeria AB, Granollers, Barcelona


Galeria Arenas, Tudela, Navarra, Spain

Galeria Tuset, Barcelona

Galeria Magdalena Baxeras, Barcelona


Alella Town Council. Serie ?Figuraciones?, Alella, Spain

Galeria Canals, Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain

Galeria L'Antigo Teia, Spain


Sala Gaudi, Barcelona

Galeria Arenas. Tudela, Navarra

Galeria Jorge Albero, Madrid


Supermercat 97. A.Prints Barcelona/Madrid

Murals for the conference room for Matachana, Barcelona


Galeria L'Antigo Teia

Collective exhibition at Puerto Olimpico de Barcelona


Designed corporte image of the World Trade Center in Barcelona.