Huai-Qing Wang Biography

Beijing, 1944

An established Chinese artist, Huai-Qin Wang has published various albums of paintings, including ?Collection of Wang Huaiqing?s Oil Paintings?, ?Collection of Wang Huaiqing?s Wash Paintings?, and ?Selections of Wang Huaiqing?s Illustrations?.

Wang graduated from the Central Academy of Crafts and currently works at the Beijing Academy of Painting.


2006 -

1999 - Macao Government Art Gallery. Macao, China. - Lin & Keng Gallery. Taipei, Taiwan.

1994 - Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore.

1993 - Gallery 21, Singapore.

1987 - Hefner Gallery, New York, USA.


2001 - Shanghai Jingwen Art Center Show. Shanghai, China.

2000 - Shanghai Art Museum. Shanghai, China.

1999 - Chengdu Art Museum. Chengdu, China. - German Embassy. Beijing, China. - Asian Art Fair, The Armory. New York, USA.

1998 - Guggenheim Museum. New York, USA. - Ling & Keng Gallery. Taipei, Taiwan.

1997 - International Art Fair. Singapore. - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. New York, USA.

1993 - China Art Exposition. Guangzhou, China. - International Art Festival Painting Exhibition. Hembach, Germany. - Yan Huang Art Museum. Beijing, China.

1992 - The Ueno Royal Museum. Tokyo, Japan. - International Art Gallery. Beijing, China.

1991 - Zee Stone Gallery. Hong Kong. - Seibu Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. - Salon d?Automne. Paris, France. - Museum of Chinese History. Beijing, travelling to Singapore, Japan and the USA.