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Size: Paper size : Image size : 190 x 245 mms Reference: Duthuit-Garnaud (Livres Illustres) 23 Note: This work was the frontispiece of the work by Jules Romains of L’Academie Francaise entitled “Pieres Levees, poemes” (Raised stones) It was at the instigation of this lady that Matisse created the frontispiece with an original lithograph. The printing of the work was already finished and the artist had but a small time to create his lithograph which, when done, fully satisfied the author who wrote to Matisse : “ I want to thank you with all my heart for your drawing which is so expressive and noble. I am happy to see our names associated in this book. For me this is new proof of an old friendship”. No doubt this refers to a drawing which Matisse had made of Jules Romain in 1924. Jules Romain (1885 - 1972) was a French novelist, dramatist,poet and teacher of philosophy. Romains first became known as a poet and as founder (c. 1908–11), with Georges Chennevière, of the literary movement Unanimisme, which combined belief in universal brotherhood with the psychological concept of group consciousness. His most popular work was the comedy Knock (1923), a satire on doctors. His masterpiece, Men of Good Will, 27 vol. (1932–46), is a vast novel cycle attempting to recreate the spirit of French society from 1908 to 1933 and exemplifying the Unanimiste interest in collective life. Romain became friends with Matisse and admired the artists works. Edition: Sold with the work is the Justification de tirage from the book which shows the edition as follows. It is stated in Duthuit that the work was not individually numbered but the justification does give the numbering for us. Ours is numbered 41/300 on the justification. 300 examples numbered 1/300 25 examples numbered I to XXV et 15 examplaires nominatifs

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