Helena Cristina Henriques Biography

Helena Cristina Henriques is a Portuguese photographer that resides in New York City. Born in the city of Maputo in Mozambique. Helena graduated from the Escuela de Fotografia IDEP (Spain) and New York University (US). The photographic works of Helena Cristina Henriques where published internationally in Front, Umbigo, La Moto, Barcelona Divina, El Dominical del Periodico, El Pais, Capital, Foto, Woman, Primera Linea, Man, and Urban Latino. Helena Cristina Henriques has portrayed public figures such as Luis Figo, Helene Swedin Figo, Sasha Djordjevic, Custo Barcelona, Merce Cunningham, Mick Doohan, Sarah Jane King, Troy Corser, William Klein, Amanda Lepore and others. She loves the world of cinema and uses her photography to tell dramatic visual stories inspired in New York City, in film, and in her past as a photojournalist. Www.helenacristinahenriques.com.

Most Relevant Honors & Exhibitions

1997 European Kodak Gold : commendation Luis & Helen Figo Portraits

2004 Coastal Arts League California : honorable mention Flower Girl

2008 International Photography Awards : honorable mention NYID series

2009 London Photographic LPA : silver winner fashion 3 Amandalicious

2009 London International Creative Competition LICC: honorable mention Decadence series

1996 Contact Agency : Luis & Helen Figo Portraits

1999 Limelight Club New York : solo exhibition NYID series

2002 District Gallery NY : Shades & Two Dogs

2003 Fulton Gallery NY : One Hundred Years Old

2004 Baker Arts Center Kansas : Mystery Parkway

2004 The Coastal Arts League California : Flower Girl

2005 South Arkansas Arts Center : Flower Girl

2005 Truckee Meadows Nevada : 1999/2004 NYID

2008 Artnet America : presents Noexpression.net

2009 Saatchi Online Gallery : presents Noexpression.net

2009 Center of Fine Art Photography : My Portrait of Amanda

Artist's Statement

"Death ends all dreams. Making life its short affair. So I am inspired in everything that is fragile and strong. People, animals and nature march on happily. All seems kind of wonderful and yet invisible. I live solely inside my mind. Dressing up the mind is like taking a photograph to show others the things the here live eternally. Since I was a child these photographs exist in my mind and that seems to mean something. I have more to express. But such a terrible thing swallows us like dust in the end. And I admire everyday more this fragile strength emerging from all those that dare to live life beautifully. I want to photograph that." Helena Cristina Henriques, 2009-2013