Guillermo Martí Ceballos Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1958

Established Spanish painter Guillermo Marti Ceballos works with a daring color palette and an elaborate sintesis of forms, in which he represents urban themes with figures. His work is highly personal, full of expressive strength and an exquisite sensitivity.

Guillermo is the son of painter Oriol Marti Valls, from whom he received drawing and painting lessons.

Guillermo also studied at the Escuale Massana, in the Sant Lluc Arts Circle, and at the Boter-Santalo Painting School.

Awards - 1986: Selected. XXV Premi Cartell de Dibux, Spain - 2005: Second Prize for Painting: Cercle Artistic Sant Lluc (Isidre Novell Medal), Spain<
- 2004: First Prize. XXV Drawing Prize; Cercle Artistic Sant Lluc, Spain - 2001: Second Prize for Painting. Cercle Artistic Sant Lluc (Isidre Nonell Medal), Spain - 2000: First Prize. Cartel Carnaval Arenys de Mar, Spain - 1999: First Prize. Concurso Cartel Festa Major de Gracia, Spain

Exhibitions 2010 Collective exhibition CARRÉ D’ARTISTES (París) Collective exhibition CARRÉ D’ARTISTES (Bordeaux) NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE ADNEC (Emiratos Árabes Unidos -Abu Dhabi) Exibition CENTRE CULTURAL Sant Pol de Mar(Barcelona) Collective exhibition Galería Artealtea (Valencia) MAG'10 MONTREUX ART GALLERY Salon d'art contemporain (Montreux -Swiss)

2009 Collective exhibition in the MUSEU PIA ALMOINA (BARCELONA) Collective Exhibition in the Gallery MONTCADA (Barcelona) Collective Exhibition in the Societat Cultural i Recreativa Ebusus (IBIZA)

2008 Collective exhibition in the GALERIE TALENS À SUIVRE (LYON)-FRANCIA) Exibition in the Galerie CARRÉ D'ARTISTES (Barcelona-Lyon-París Montpellier-Aix en Provençe-Lille-Burdeos) Exibition CENTRE CULTURAL Sant Pol de Mar(Barcelona) Exhibition in the 9ª FERIA DE ARTE INDEPENDIENTE (MADRID)

2007 - - Centro Medico Teknon, Barcelona, Spain 2006 - Galeria Gonzalo Olivan, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain - Centre Cultural Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain - Galeria 414Kunsthaus, Barcelona, Spain

2005 - Hipermerc?Art, Barcelona, Spain - Sala Vinçon, Barcelona, Spain


2003 - Galeria Loret Comas, Mataro, Barcelona, Spain - Consejo de Arte, Barcelona, Spain - Galeria Magdalena Baxeras, Barcelona, Spain

2001 - Galeria Kreisler, Barcelona, Spain - Palau del Mar, Barcelona, Spain

2000 - Galeria Kreisler, Barcelona, Spain - Esplai de Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

1996 - ?Exposicion para UNICEF?. Palau Robert, Barcelona, Spain