Grace Lazzeri Biography

Grace Lazzeri was born in Caracas-Venezuela in 1974. She started painting when she was 6 years old, firstly working with oil and pastels, then ceramics, airbrush and acrylics. In Caracas she graduated as Batchelor Degree in Business while she kept exploring different painting techniques. In 2002 she moved to London where she attended the prestigious London art school of “ St. Martins School of Art” and also displayed her art works for the first time outside Venezuela, in an exhibition called “Escapes”.
In 2003 she went back to Venezuela and in January 2008 moved to Australia and now lives in Adelaide, where she uses all the after's office free time she can get to produce her artwork.

“Grace Lazzeri usually works on canvas using acrylic and mixed media where the modern approach translates nature to show pleasant and relaxing places”. FOCUS News Magazine”(London, Aug 2002) Private collections in: Iowa, California & NYC (U.S.A), Kent & London (U.K.), Lima (Peru), Caracas (Venezuela) & Sydney (Australia). Member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts and of the Venezuelan association of visual artists.

Artist's Statement

As a lover of nature and fractals, Grace has been working on combining both and using the concept as my primary source of inspiration. Her experiences of living in and traveling throughout different countries other than her home country, Venezuela, has allowed her to enrich her knowledge and experience within visual arts. Grace's abstract paintings reflect more than the eye can see; they illustrate the principles of microcosms and macrocosms, in which a part is a perfect reflection of the whole. More than just elaborated processes and colours, she believes her artworks embrace the concept of energy – their aim is to invoke the sensation of peace and relaxation amongst a mood of energetic vibrancy.