Gloria E. Marin Biography

Cantabria, Spain

An established Spanish artist, Gloria Elena Marin works in a cubist style. Her oil paintings are often portraits or scenes of daily life, inspired by famous pieces.

Marin studied to be an interior designer, but has been a painter for as long as she can remember.

She says of her work: ?I have tried to pay homage to the great painters that have taught me and inspired by work. At no point has my intention been to copy these pieces, but instead to modernize classic and famous works, introducing new elements such as graffiti.


2007 -

2006 - Fundacion en Palma de Mallorca, Spain. - Sala de Exposiciones Emilio Otero. Centro Gallego. Cantabria, Spain. - San Pedro Advincula. Cantabria, Spain. - Sala Municipal Mauro Muriedas. Torrelavega, Spain. - Sala Municipal Barcena De Cudon. Cantabria, Spain.

2005 - La Galeria Extremadura. Spain

2004 - La Galeria Luber. Spain.

2003 - El Supermercado del Arte. Valencia, Spain.

1995 - Galeria Leonor Lourido de Velasco. Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

1990 - La Consejeria de Turismo. Cantabria, Spain.

1989 - Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo de Santander. Cantabria, Spain.

1987 - El Dia del Mar. Cantabria, Spain.

1986 - Caja Cantabria. Spain.