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Note: The love affair between Pablo Picasso, aged 61, and Françoise Gilot, 21, began in Paris in the spring of 1943 during the German occupation of France. She was a student of art, the only child of a domineering father. In her mood of rebellion she found in Picasso a gentleness and depth of understanding she had not known in any other man. They were to live together for the next ten years; she was to bear him two children, Claude and Paloma. Ultimately, however, their relationship soured and she took the children and left him. In In February 1961, with the collaboration of Carlton Lake, Gilot began to write Life with Picasso (1964). While Lake was considerably impressed with her recall of events, and even her memory for dialogue, which he verified against documents and his own interviews with Picasso, the reviews for the book when it came out in 1963 were ambivalent, if not overwhelmingly negative. Although, Gilot was unusually frank about her life with Picasso, she also did not spare herself in the process, which perhaps is one reason why biographers have continued to rely on her work--albeit reluctantly. While she dedicated the book "to Pablo," he tried to prohibit it’s publication, losing all three lawsuits to that purpose. This book is a remarkabel object. Francoise is a considerale artist in her own right and this drawing is typical of her works of this period. To have a drawing with the book makes a very desirable combination.

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