Félix Beristain Biography

Ondarroa, Vizcaya, Spain 1937

Established Spanish artist. Beristain is a classic artist, a realist, magical, simple, and sensual all at the same time. His process is certainly slow and laborious, careful and fussed over in the same way as the great realists and postimpressionists did in their time.

There is an obvious yearning for perfection and continuity in his work, demonstrating the author's love and desire to create high-quality pieces.

From his first exhibition at 17 years old in Eibar, he was concerned fundamentally with the human figure situated in the countries and climates that he most loved, lived, and frequently visited: Euskadi, Portugal, Morocco, Venice, and Latin American countries.

His color palette frequented reddish, but also grey and earthy tones. In the same way one prepares his cloth for linen, the artist is a great artisan who takes care in preparing his infrastructures, like the canvas, believing them to be the basis of his kitchen of fantasy.

The artist has always included, until his stages and moments closest to informalism, the process of the human body, the figure and the captivation of the most profound structures: maternity, work, party and carnival, solitude, drama, and hope.

One of the constants that is most appreciated and sticks out in every part of his creative process is constant love and decisiveness of texture and material. The artist works many times with perseverance on the same piece of cloth. Already, from his first works Beristain shows a preoccupation for the sensual and sumptuous world of material and texture. "I am preoccupied with captivating the reality of the human form and warmth through textures and layers of paint. Hence I let my painting dry and later come back to it again to work over it".

The emphasis in his last production were murals, oil paintings, and cement reliefs.

Selected Exhibitions:

2006 - PicassoMio.com