Federico Swarovski Biography

Federico Swarovski was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has a wife and two kids that support him always.

He belongs to a family of artists. Everything started with his great-grandfather, creating the Swarovski firm. Then came his grandfather, Federico Swarovski, who loved traveling around the world with his camera. And last but not least his mother, who shows her love for art by doing an admirable work with her own paintings.


Since he was a child he was attracted to creativity and design, something that feels natural to him. He always remembers how he practiced the art of painting with his mother. Years after that, he became a Graphic Designer. He always liked the art of Photography, but he never thought of it as a way of life.

He remembers that something was born in a strange morning that he relates with a dream he had. He suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, half asleep , and he found himself looking at some images and feeling very weird. He always remembers that night with a lot of joy and respect. After that episode, he came with the idea of buying a camera. Some months and a thousand photos later, everybody realized, including himself, that he was meant to be a photographer. He combined the three things he most liked, art, design and photography. This was something that he always knew, but never made it into a reality until that day.