F Castillo Biography

Palma, Spain, 1943

A mid-career Spanish artist, F. Castillo largely works in an abstract style. He combines bright color and dark line to create paintings alive with energy and movement.

He is a self-taught painter and ceramicist, though he studied architecture for three years in Barcelona.

Castillo says of his career: When I was young, I learned from Kandinksy that liberty and honor are fundamental in art. I have never forgotten it. The continuing nature of my experimentation allows me to evolve while remaining myself.

Selected Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio.com

2006 - Campos, Mallorca, Spain - Galeria Blitz, Palma, Spain

2005 - Galeria Blitz, Palma, Spain

1976 - Galeria Universo, Palma, Spain

1975 - 2 Certamen Internacional de Pintura, La Lonja de Palma, Spain

1974 - Galeria Universo, Palma, Spain