Eric Henty Biography

First of all, I have created my paintings for you. If there is a particular painting that you love, please contact me through PicassoMio and I am sure we can work out the details.

I am an artist who has painted for over 30 years. My artwork can be found in art collections across the country. I currently resides in NYC and have exhibited at the Lincoln Center, Soho galleries, and in DUMBO.

Solo and Group Exhibitions

2009 Broome St. Gallery, Soho, New York City

2007 Broome St. Gallery, Soho, New York City

2006 Gallery 24, DUMBO, New York City

2006 Salmagundi Art Club, New York City

2004 Broome St. Gallery, Soho, New York City

2003 Lincoln Center, New York Juried by Guggenheim Museum

1992 Shamira Nicholas Gallery, Rochester, NY
Offered One Person Show

1990-1992 Red Dot Gallery, Rochester, NY

1990-1992 Pyramid Art Gallery, Rochester, NY

Artist's Statement

There has been an evolution of consciousness in modern art starting with Cezanne, and continuing most directly in its development by Picasso, De Kooning , and Bacon. They accomplished this by the use of planes of color, abstraction, and with figures whose anatomy is flattened, sculptural and cubic. I strive to further their developments. The figures I create have the quality of both movement and stillness at the same time. A dramatic landscape is created by the use of bright colors and existential settings. The themes of my artwork are commentaries on the social, political and moral dilemmas of modern man. For a filmed demonstration of my artwork, you can go to and . You can also see my artwork at and .