Diego López Granados Biography

Ã?beda, Jaen, Spain, 1959 -

Spanish graphic artist Lopez Granados combines lithography and mixed media techniques to create dreamlike, almost surreal, illustrations.

In 1984, Lopez Granados founded a stone lithography workshops along with Evaristo Benitez and Javier Izquierdo. In the same year he collaborated with the Espulg+ues de Llobregat lithography workshop in Barcelona. Betwen 1985 and 1986 he produced lithographic illustrations for "El Preludi del Foc" (Prelude to the Fire) by Ignasi Riera and between 1987 and 1989 he worked with the gallerist Francesc Mestre and with Art-Litho Barcelona.

Lopez Granados made his first incursion into painting in 1990, when he worked on sets for TVE (Spanish national television). This lead him to set up his own design company.

Lopez Granados has exhibited at the Kandinsky gallery in San Jose, Costa Rica.