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Edition: 18/91 Note: Created by the artist using a Canon Xerox machine with colour cartridges. It came from a portfolio entitled “Brooklyn Academy of Music” Size: 17” x 22” inches - (43.2 x 55.9 cms) Published by: Parasol Press Ltd, New York Reference: This is not included in the Tokio Catalogue Raisonee. However reference can be found to the work on David Hockney’s webbsite and the following link will find it: http://www.hockneypictures.com/homemade_prints/home_prints_37.php According to this site the artist has created at least 37 different Home Made Prints in his career. Personally I like these works a great deal. They are colourful and vibrant examples of his interesting oeuvre. Every few years, unlike many artists, Hockney changes completely his style and way of doing things. Note: Strictly speaking this is not an original print (since the artist did not himself actually create the matrix from which it was made). Auction houses do not call these works “after David Hockney” and I am joining them in this categorisation.

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