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Nature has given us a curious, and aware of her beauty and skill, has engendered such a magnificent audience as spectacle, as not fully enjoy themselves if something as big, so radiant, so delicately drawn, so wonderful and beautiful in its many forms, has shown a total absence of witnesses (...) Then we live with nature if I gave it entirely, if I am your admirer and worshiper.

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Many of us are granted the title of nature photographers. And perhaps he might even become more extensive, in reality: is there anything that is not, or not, nature? However, we must clarify that we speak of Nature in the sense that is sensed in the appointment of Don Lucio opening this text. Nobody seems to have brought a better poet, Virgilio López Lemus, as a guide in exploring the concept. True spoken poetry, but understands that Brandan photography, poetry, painting, music, arts are not different, but different ways of perceiving the nature and exercise of witnesses, which is after all our vocation. We have already spoken in another place of work on the different styles of painting in which Nature offers to us, and we are trying to capture and convey through our work in Brandan continues the path that is the very nature suggests that the scenarios and reasons to choose - so to speak, how you want to be painted.

But we are going to our poet: "Nature needs the anthem, the voice sound, poetry, expressed, and we developed the brain. I'm not saying she is aware of the degree to be God (a God-Nature), but their actions, regulated by laws, rests on the poetic dimension. Nature dumps its cornucopia of abundance and beauty inevitably generates, which is in its rhythmic energy flow in large explosions of stars. Unpolished beauty, like a diamond inside the earth to be purified by the eye that sees, the brain behind it. The intelligence that captures poetic spontaneous flow of nature, and then has the ability to express it in speech or signs, or light signals into words, pictures, music, sculpture ... Poetry is an act establishing the nature of the cosmos, living, traveling at speeds unimaginable to the event horizon. "

It is often said that every photo should tell a story. Brandan trying to tell poetic form through photography, image. "When the man in the cave interpreted the forces of nature as divine entities and adorable, not only based religions, but to perform an act of poetic interpretation of the world. ..." The nature is not only a source of poetry, because she is indeed poetic. A force that could metaphorically call cosmic subjectivity, it tends to give the poetic expression of any event, location, existence. "

Investigating Nature with reverence, we may capture certain representations similar to artistic conceptions. A reflection will give us opportunities or impressionist watercolor, but also, depending on the effect-caused or accidental, can offer alternatives surreal or abstract. In other environments, we can try a still life or still life. However, Brand wanted to go beyond the limit by making the technical possibilities of the camera in very special environments that offer results not easily classifiable. This is where recourse to myth, the legend and fantastic beings, intangible realities which will be performed or not in a subjective way by those who perceive, but they acquire a certain magic when the condition indicates when they are appointed. A Brandan, Poetry, Painting, were unwilling to give thanks to heaven. He, however, the fate in their hands an instrument of expression that allows you to fly in close proximity: the camera, or better say: the Art of Photography. But Nature is not only the temple, it is also workshop. And Brandan's workshop are five rivers that flow from the living environment and a multitude of small irrigation channels derived therefrom. This workshop makes artistic compositions with objects with a personal symbolism

"The aesthetic dimension of the cosmos, in particular what we call "nature" is a poetic conditioning, an essential attribute visible in the performance objectives and their ways, their brightness, their colors, which depend on the physical and the chemical structure of their objects."

Physics and Chemistry. But Mathematics:

"And there are scientific theories of physics, chemistry, mathematics and cosmology very poetic, as when describing the reality or at least gigantic quantum composition, this description is a long one act of poetry."

Describe the role of witness, or the technical means may be part of that cosmic subjectivity referred to Don Virgilio. But we can not stay here. We know the chances of representing nature - to do with Poetry-Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of the elements of nature, but to be truly Poetry, to represent faithfully the excitement of that instant aesthetic dimension of the cosmos is necessary to bear in mind something else:

"The art that tries to be pure and express only what is artistic purity in life and inanimate objects, discover other aspects of poetry. ..." The (Poetry) goes beyond intellectual as it is not only conforms to display of human intelligence, but that is introduced in the fields of science, philosophy, theology, of human knowledge, looking and looks between them own corners of the poetry, the glow of the poetic. "

Because it is true that there are objects "inanimate", but nature is never still. Brandan takes even in their still life.

Angel Augier - Island in the touch. "The relentless, blind, wild, tender usual dominant / non stop non stop non stop / in the burning stick your neck of waves."

"... These words can refer to the whole inhabited earth, to every place where men and women admire sensitive capture and express that in some cases flowing, that's not ever stop himself from nature. Each year we have the spring, but each spring is different. ... "Every moment is different, there is never repeated exactly, and even in the symmetry may be more visible differences between left and right ..." any scheme is split, because the universal is change, the eternal is mobility. So if there is a "soul" in nature, this is the eternal movement of the micro-and macro-cosmic matter. "

Needless to say Brandan investigates only the microcosmic field, feeling, however, that this thread, this flow of events, the accumulation of elements in motion are inherently and essentially identical. In the work described here-exclusive-PicassoMio Brandan attempts a poetic beauty in nature, which perceives and research, putting the limit in many cases the technical conditions of its instrument, the possibilities it offers. "And is not that nature is intelligent, but it is poetic. Perhaps poetry is crucial that flash of cosmic intelligence. "


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