Asbjorn Lonvig Biography

”Creative GENIUS”
The Publisher World of Art in London, UK will this Autumn launch the Art Book ”Creative GENIUS”. 100 artists from all over the world have been chosen. One of the 100 artists is Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark.

The World of Art Award
granted to Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark. "Absolute unique, dedicated, brilliant, excellent. Searching your web site I have to say that I AM IMPRESSED!!!" "...we granted you an award – The World of Art Award granted to artists and galleries for the best practice in art and culture... " Regards, Peter Russu, Editor of World of Art magazine 15 Manchester Court, E16 3GZ LONDON (UK)

Juxtaposition Award - Rome, Italy

International Graphic Design Award - Montreal, Canada

Critics compare Asbjorn Lonvig to Mondrian, Miro, Kandinsky, and Warhol
Author Alain Joannes, Paris even compares Asbjorn Lonvig to Johan Sebastian Bach!!!! " the same kind as the fascination with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.
The composer was organizing motifs melodic and harmonic in an architecture known personally. And one notices a dramatic subjectivity in the organization, apparently neutral, standardized musical figures. Similarly in the work of Asbjorn Lonvig, it takes a singular intent in the layout, in script, rudimentary forms of brightly colored."

Artist's Statement