Collect Art: How to start collecting art?

How to start collecting art?

While most people usually start by buying art, occasionally, some people slowly graduate to purchasing art for their own collection.

One does not have to be super-wealthy to collect art and in fact some of the most interesting collections do not belong to the wealthiest. As an example, Jean Pigozzi, a relatively young collector, began collecting paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, installations and videos from contemporary artists living in sub-Saharan African countries over the last 15 years and now has one of the most interesting contemporary art collections and can be seen at One does not need to go exotic either and can collect paintings by local artists or photographs by well-known photographers.

If it is a priority for you to ensure that you are making good investment decisions, remember that you can purchase limited-editions, i.e. multiples, by famous artists, starting at less than $1,000. These artworks normally appreciate in value over time and provide you with a solid alternative investment.

Before you start your own personal collection, keep the following things in mind:

  • Decide what type of art you really like;
  • Know the gallery that you work with - See what their guarantee looks like; and
  • Spend some time thinking about how many artworks you are going to buy over a certain period.

Remember, collecting implies you are going to be living with the art and if you buy what you like, it will make the experience one of the most rewarding ones.

At and PicassoMio galleries, we have art consultants available to assist you with your first steps in collecting art, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

- Allan Majotra, / PicassoMio Galleries