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Spain´s more important Art Centers  – Our selection of Spain´s More important Art Centers
2005 ArtReview Power 100 list  – The Financial Times, 2005
Al Gore  – By: M. Kirby Talley, Jr., Art News, 2000
Andy Warhol art will adorn new Levi's line  – by Pia Sarkar, San Francisco Chronicle, 2005
Art Photography: Are Photography-Based Paintings Cheating?  – 
Artists Poking Fun  – 
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Cutting Edge Art; Silhouettes, Collages, and Cut-Outs  – 
Fine Art: How and Where to Hang an Artwork  – 
Fine Art: What is the future of the art world?  – 
George W. Bush  – By: Seth Gitell, Art News, 2000
How Can You Think About Making Art at a Time Like This?  – By: Barbara Pollack, Art News, 2001
How Far Can You Go?  – by Linda Yablonsky, ArtNews, 2004
How to Hang Artworks in Groups  – When grouping artworks to hang together, consider open and artistic arrangements. The fundamental rule to keep in mind is that the resulting composition should appear organized. An observer viewing the arrangement should be able to easily guess the reasons why the artworks have been hung as they have. If that's not the case, the composition is likely to cause confusion and a feeling of disorder.
La Revolución Digital  – por Roberta Bosco, El Pais, 2006
Los 100 más poderosos en el mundo del arte en 2007  – 
Los artistas deberían boicotear las bienales  – 

Entrevista al director de Documenta 12, Robert Buergel, por Fietta Jarque, El País, 16/12/2006

Marilynmania  – By: David Kirby, Art News/i>, 2000
Naked Truths  – By: Sarah Valdez, Art News, 2003
Original Art: How to Light Your Artworks  – 
Painting from Photographs; Innovation or Cheating?  – 
Schizophrenic Styles  – 
Sticks and Stones and Lemon Cough Drops  –  By: Sylvia Hochfield, Art News, 2002
The Art of Being Bill Gates  – by Thane Peterson, BusinessWeek, 2001
The Best: Paintings, Sculptures, and Prints  – 
The Case of the Escaped Spirit  – By: Michelle Falkenstein , ArtNews 2004
The Most Erotic Artworks  – by Carly Berwick, Art News, 2004
To Thine Own Selves Be True  – By Linda Yablonsky, Art News, 2003
Top Billionaire Art Collectors  – by Anthony Haden-Guest, Forbes, 2005
Underrated/Overrated  – By: Robert Rigney and Penelope Rowlands, Art News, 2000
View from the Bridge  – Fierze, 2005
Walking a Tightrope without a Net  – By: Kelly Devine Thomas, ArtNews, 2004
What is the difference between a museum and a gallery  – 
When Artist and Interior Designer are One  – 
Where Abstract Meets Representational  – 
Who Are the Great Women Artists?  – By Ann Landi, Art News, 2003